Updated on 09/04/2020

Special Update

Note that the conditions on this document will be updated as the crisis advances. Today arrangements have been made for stays up to 15 September .


Thank you in advance to not contact us now for stays beyond the period announced.

Some of you have contacted us to ask us a refund of their trips to Valbonne.


Even if the situation is difficult for us, we are doing everything we can, every day, to adapt to the new recommendations.

We are today:

• Like you a traveler and we have booked a few days of holidays in Morocco,

• And also managers of a seasonal rental activity. The profits of this activity are made over a short period from May to September and these profits represent our main income since 2015 . (Payment provides a security of 30% deposit at the booking and the balance of 70% 5 weeks before the date of arrival )


Our difficulty is not our holidays but our activity.


The real difficulty is the potential loss of 70% of all our reserved weeks. Indeed, it is therefore necessary to deal with a very small cash of 30%.


You will understand that it is not possible for a vacation rental company to refund the 30% of deposit paid because this would force to reduce to 0 the annual income of the company but especially would reduce to 0 its cash which would be a disaster for the company.


The platforms and each government have take decisions advantageous for tenants. 


You have booked by Airbnb , by Booking.com , by Homeaway or directly from our site. Each of these platforms offers own conditions. For bookings through our site we follow French law which today is set up by ordinances updated regulary for this context.

Summary of solutions

Conditions for booking via Airbnb 

Conditions for booking via HomeAway

Conditions for booking via Booking.com

Conditions for booking via our Website :

All booking, book directly by us  follow French law which today is set up by ordinances updated regulary for this context.

*  All stays up to 15 september will can be report to next year (18 months)

*  If you wan't other dates next year more expensive than your actually booking, you will need to paid the difference.

We ask to all our tenants to fill out the form below as soon as possible.

If you want keep your stay :

The conditions of contract stay the same, and the second payment need to be do at the same date (5 weeks before your arrival)

Be carreful, if we haven't news about you at the date of the second payment , and we haven't receive it.

* The booking will be automatically cancelled but there will be no report & no refund.

* The 30 % that you have paid will be lost.

So thanks to contact us as soon as possible.

If you want report your stay :

You can choose to report your stay later in the year (September, October, November) or next year from May to October

All rates of the Tainfony are online.

The house is already book for next year from 10 to 24 July.

10th April : Tainfony book for next year from 26 June to 10 July.

11th April : Tainfony book for next year from 24 to 31 July.

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