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Updated on 22/11/2020

More Bookings options

This message is for our tenants who have booking for season 2021.


We hope you and your family are well and specialy in this situation.


We hope you will can come but we know it not very easy for everybody to hope to go on holidays and to organize theirselves their holodays.


We hope to know if you are always interested for coming next season 2021.


For this special difficult moment, we propose to you more choices for your booking. :)

Sylvie, Fanny & Yves         { Ma Maison à Valbonne }

Summary of solutions

We ask to all our tenants to fill out the form below as soon as possible.

If you want keep your stay :

The conditions of contract stay the same, and the second payment need to be do at the same date (5 weeks before your arrival)

Be carreful, if we haven't news about you at the date of the second payment , and we haven't receive it.

* The booking will be automatically cancelled but there will be no report & no refund.

* The 30 % that you have paid will be lost.

So thanks to contact us as soon as possible.

If you want a refund or postpone :

You can choose to report your stay later in the year (September, October, November) or next year from May to October

All rates are online.

You can inform us that you will be happy to receive a refund.   

With this informations we will open your dates online, if somebody book your dates , when we will receive the payment of the new tenant the refund will be automatically do on your account (please to give to us your bank informations by mail in same time than your asking) if you have ask a postpone the dates that you have choose will stay blocked 

Warning :         * If nobody book your dates , unfortunately we will can't propose to you a refund or postpone except if the government prevents you from coming.

* If nothing prevents you from coming, you will have to honor your rental, it means that we will have done our best to rebook your dates without succeeding .... thank you in advance for your understanding

It is important that you communicate the dates to which you would like to postpone your stay at the same time as your request for reimbursement, like this you will can be the first to choose your dates.

Your booking
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